Exhaust air mode

The term air extraction mode refers to the transfer of purified exhaust air from inside the production hall outside using the piping system. Running a ventilation system in air extraction mode underlies strict legal regulations and requirements to maintain a pure air quality and VOC content. These specifications prevent contaminated and harmful exhaust air from being released outside without any filtration.

To run a ventilation system in air extraction mode, the production exhaust air has to be purified of contamination and impurities in advance. The high-performance exhaust air filtration systems by KMA Umwelttechnik are extremely energy-efficient and thus ensure pure air in accordance with national legal regulations. Thanks to their modular design, KMA exhaust air filtration systems can be individually adapted to the requirements of production exhaust air. The core of each filtration system is the energy-efficient KMA electrostatic precipitator module. Inside the electrostatic precipitator an ionization electrode generates a strong electric field requiring only a very low energy input. Due to the charge difference, particles, aerosols and other impurities in the incoming exhaust air are driven to the collector plates or inner walls of the electrostatic precipitator module. Solid residues are deposited there, liquid residues flow downwards into an external tank.

Depending on the composition of the exhaust air and the degree of contamination, the exhaust air stream passes through further filter components such as the KMA activated carbon filter or the KMA UV light module. In air extraction mode, the purified exhaust air is transferred outside.

The air extraction mode is particularly suitable for production sites which, due to their geographical location, experience none or only slight temperature differences between the air inside and outside of the production plant. This renders an energy-intensive heating of the newly supplied fresh air unnecessary. For production sites with low outside temperatures, it is recommended to use the KMA exhaust air filtration systems in recirculation mode, combined with a heat recovery system.

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