Smoke houses in industrial food production require exhaust air treatment

The expert for air filtration in smokehouses

Specific requirements for air purification in smokehouses

The exhaust of strong odour and fumes from food production lines requires the cleaning of waste air emissions. In comparison to non-food productions, the food processing industry is often faced with particular problems that arise from either the type of emission/emissions or are due to the manufacturer’s location.

Locality of the factory:

Food processing factories are often located in residential or central city areas. Smoke and odour can therefore cause problems for the neighbourhood.

A company’s size:

Investing in environmental protection can represent a heavy burden for medium to smaller food processing companies.

Pollution control problems in the food processing industry:

Typical smoke and odour emissions of food processing plants derive from the treating of organic substances. They consist of smoke or aerosols consisting of odour, tar, oil or grease. Filtering equipment therefore must be able to extract both particulate matter (grease, tar) as well as odours from the exhaust air and clean these flue gases. Unfortunately, most conventional filter media can quickly turn unsuitable for food processing applications due to tar and grease sticking to their surfaces in a short period of time, preventing exhaust air from passing through.

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Selected references from the food industry

The energy saving alternative to post-combustion.

Smoke houses in industrial food production require exhaust air treatment

Save up to 80% of your energy costs!

The solution for smoke houses: KMA Exhaust Air Filtration Systems

Less energy consumption means less costs. KMA filter system utilize the valuable heat out of the exhaust air and reduce the energy consumption of your production facilities by means of the integrated heat recovery system. How to minimise the energy costs of your smoke house facilities is explained in the following case study.

The solution: KMA exhaust air filtration systems

Because of the special requirements of smokehouses concerning air purification thermal or catalytic afterburning systems used to be the only available technique to solve the pollution problems of food processing causing emissions. But as this type of equipment requires high energy consumption for its operation, the market has started focusing on new air filtration technology, especially after the introduction of taxes on energy and environment. Thus the energy-efficient solution for exhaust air purification for smoke houses is today the KMA AAIRMAXX® Filter System.

The operating costs of a KMA AAIRMAXX®-waste air filtration system are considerably low

KMA waste air filtration systems use the most advanced, as well as the most cost-effective method for waste air clean up by combining both the techniques of electrostatic precipitators as well as gas scrubbers. In comparison to conventional methods of post-combustion, energy costs are decreased by up to 80 percent.

KMA AAIRMAXX® fits to any smoking method!

With the KMA AAIRMAXX® air filtration system it is possible to choose the most adequate smoking method (natural smoke, friction smoke or even liquid smoke) without any restrictions, while staying flexible with your production processes.

The connection of an AAIRMAXX® filter to smoke houses

KMA AAIRMAXX® filters can be easily connected to any smoke plant. For this, a connection pipe is set up from the chimney of the smoke chamber to the AAIRMAXX filter, which can be located either near the smoking plant or, for example on the roof. For outdoor installation weather proof housings are available.

The connection of more than one smoking plant to an AAIRMAXX® filter

If there are more than one smoking plant in the food processing company, it is advisable to connect them all to one AAIRMAXX® filter. The investment and running costs this way will be reduced dramatically.

Exhaust air purification for smokehouses

The energy-efficient alternative to afterburning systems

KMA AAIRMAXX® waste air filter systems remove and eliminate smoke and odour from waste air and are suited to both hot and cold smoke houses. KMA AAIRMAXX® is a modular exhaust air filtration system, which can be composed of the following filter elements:

KMA electrostatic tube filter

The AAIRMAXX® particle filter effectively separates aerosols such as grease, tar (smoke), or oil from waste air without clogging. It is made of one or several metal tubes with an ionizer in the middle of each tube. The particles are charged by electrostatic energy and settle on the inner surface of the tubes. The cleaning process of the filter takes place automatically and at regular intervals.

The KMA AAIRMAXX® exhaust air scrubber removes liquids and ordors from exhaust air

The scrubber is designed for the separation of odour, gas, and fumes, and operates according to the absorption principle. Gas and fumes contained in the waste air are first captured and then separated by an appropriate washing liquid. Due to the high pre-separation of grease or other aerosols in the pre-filter, KMA waste air scrubbers are remarkable for high separation efficiency and low water consumption.

Activated charcoal for odor removal

Activated Carbon and Lignite are often considered to be a universal remedy for the removal of odour at food processing factories. Odorous substances and air molecules settle on the surface of the Activated Lignite. For a cost-effective operation it is necessary to have an effective pre-treatment of waste air as well as the right dimensioning well adapted to each case of operation. Aerosols and dusts must be separated before the activated lignite filter.

Industrial smoke house with installed KMA AAIRMAXX®
Exhaust air treatment systems for industrial smoke houses

The capacity of the filter components ranges from 300 to more than 30000 m³/h.

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