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During the casting process often occur greasy, oily and pasty smokes, which can quickly clog the filter when using unsuitable filter material and thus could result in high follow-up and exchange costs.
With the modular ULTRAVENT® System KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH offers an exhaust air filtration system especially developed for the foundry, which allows due to its cleverly harmonized elements the exact adaptation of the filter system to the needs of the foundry. In this way, dust, smoke, but also sticky or greasy aerosoles and various odours can be high efficiently filtered. Exhaust air filter systems of the brand ULTRAVENT® can be manufactured as decentralized filters (stand-alone solution) or centralized filters (connecting several machines to one filter station).

For a good fume capture the extraction devices are adapted to the machine dimensions and are delivered also according to the modular principle. ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration systems are guided by the high requirements of the German legislation concerning occupational safety (BG) and environmental protection (BImSchG).

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Less energy consumption means less costs.


Save up to 80% of your energy costs!

From conventional extract air mode, to an air filter system with heat recovery and heat pump up to energy saving air recirculation mode – there are various air filtration methods for die casting machines.

Which method fits best to your production facility is explained in the following case study.

Individual filter solutions for different requirements

The KMA ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration system is suitable for an operation in a circulating air as well as exhaust air mode. The question of which system is used, is decided by the individual needs of the company. The key is: Whether in the circulating air or exhaust air mode, KMA ULTRAVENT® filter systems reduce energy consumption for air purification in foundries by up to 80 percent and protect effectively the environment.

Exhaust Air Mode

Exhaust air mode with integrated heat recovery

If the filtered exhaust air is to be ducted into the open air the filter system can be expanded by a high efficient heat recovery system with integrated heat exchanger and if necessary with heat pump. The Filter System consists of demister and electrostatic filter. The electrostatic filter is really important in this case, because it ensures the high-grade separation of oily and greasy emissions as smoke, dust and mist and simultaneously the efficiency level of the heat exchanger. By means of the heat exchanger the energy is withdrawn from the warm exhaust air and transferred to the incoming ambient supply air.

Circulating Air Mode

Energy saving circulating air mode

ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration systems permit the cleaning of the indoor waste air during the energy saving circulating air operation. This largely avoids the application of exhaust air ventilators and prevents high heat losses in winter. The total energy consumption of traditional air handling systems reduces by using ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration systems about up to 80 %.
ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration systems ensure clean air. Therefore the building and the machines stay cleaner – maintenance and cleaning costs are reduced. As the filtered air can be mostly recirculated back into the production hall, the cleaning-intensive exhaust pipes to the outside can be avoided. At the same time the heating costs for the building decrease clearly. For a die casting machine of medium size (800-900 to) the yearly CO2 emissions are reduced by about 25 tons due to saved heating energy.

Efficient smoke collection systems

The smoke collection near the emission source is decisive for the air quality in the production hall. In case of waste air extraction at the hall roof the waste air is first diffused inside the hall and could then be extracted only by the collection of a much larger exhaust air volume. The larger the exhaust air volume, the higher the energy consumption and thus the operating costs. Therefore the classic KMA method provides the selective smoke collection at the source.

For the selective collection of the smoke tailor-made hoods above the die casting machines are the rule, which is especially an advantage in case of large machine places. As the production processes must not be hindered, KMA extraction hoods can be moved aside, so that the area above the production machine is completely accessible. After the waste air extraction follows the waste air filtration. KMA offers as an alternative air curtain systems as well.

Extraction Hoods
Extraction Hoods
Highly efficient smoke detection
Extraction Hoods
For heavy-duty machines ULTRAVENT® extraction hoods are available in one and two-piece versions. If required, the regular or space-saving telescopic hoods can be moved aside, sliding on rails. The movement is carried out either manually or by a hood motor drive.
Air Curtain System
Air Curtain System
Space-saving smoke detectors
Air Curtain System
Air curtain systems are used where limited space or other obstructions at the workstation will hinder the installation of extraction hoods. The KMA air curtain system consists of two elements: the blower unit that is attached to one end of the machine, generating an entirely adjustable horizontal air current above the source of emission. The second element is the extraction unit placed at the opposite end, receiving the air current including the contaminated air stream from the machine.
Air curtain systems usually require a higher extraction capacity than a comparable hood, because they do not have the possibility of buffering thermally rising fumes. However air curtains offer the advantage that the working area is not covered or obstructed by a suction device.

ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filter system – flexible and economic


The ULTRAVENT® demister units consist of robust 50 mm thick stainless steel mesh wire elements. This wire is held in position by expanded metal mesh, both on the incoming and outgoing side of the gas flow. The special shaping of the wire allows for a high separating capacity for aerosols, droplets and mist. The units can be washed for cleaning. Changing the demister elements is not necessary.

Electrostatic precipitator

ULTRAVENT® electrostatic filter cells assure the highly effective separation of smoke, dust, and fine mist. “Blue haze” caused by the use of release agents gets separated effectively as well. The filter cells are characterized by the particularly robust design: frame and carrying bars made of stainless steel, insulators in oil-resistant ceramics, optimized design for the separation of liquid or viscous substances. These features make sure that the electrostatic filter is an economical and durable filter medium for many applications. Often two categories of contaminants are captured in the electrostatic collection cell. One kind of the filtered substances is liquid, drips off the collection plates, and is collected in a recuperation tank. The oil separated here can often be reused. The second type forms a greasy, oily or encrusted deposit on the filter surface. Unsuitable filter types can quickly plug and become ineffective, leading to excessive costs associated with filter replacement and disposal. However, electrostatic precipitators never obstruct the air flow through the exhaust system.

Automatic filter cleaning system (CIP)
The automatic filter cleaning system (CIP) by KMA Umwelttechnik can be integrated in every KMA exhaust air filtration system. The KMA CIP efficiently cleans the filter module – no loss of production or need for service manpower – and can be programmed to individual requirements.
The automatic filter cleaning system (CIP) by KMA Umwelttechnik can be integrated in every KMA exhaust air filtration system. The KMA CIP efficiently cleans the filter module – no loss of production or need for service manpower – and can be programmed to individual requirements.

An automatic filter cleaning system is available for many types of ULTRAVENT® emission control systems. It is suitable for cleaning all washable filter media such as demisters, electrostatic collection cells or UV light oxidation units. The automatic ULTRAVENT® washing system is unmatched in terms of comfort and cleaning results – due to its movable nozzle bar that moves back and forth above the collection cells during the filter washing process. It allows the regular and labour-saving cleaning of the filter cells and thus ensures minimal maintenance requirements. The intelligent control of the washing system simultaneously reduces the consumption of water and of purifying agents.

The future begins today: more efficient use of resources by ULTRAVENT® ECO+

Air movement in production processes is a major consumer of energy. Blowers without a frequency converter (FC) run constantly at 100% capacity. Dampers control the air flow and thereby consume energy. The ECO+ technology offered by KMA represents an alternative with maximum energy efficiency.

Blowers basically always run on constant speed and therefore deliver a consistent performance, which is designed to the highest possible power requirements. In practice, however, usually only 70-90% of the power is required, and even less in case of fluctuating loads. ULTRAVENT® ECO+ systems are equipped with a frequency converter for fan speed control. Thus, the speed can be adjusted according to requirements. Even a small reduction in speed leads to significant energy savings. In case of connection to the control of the manufacturing machine, a permanent speed adjustment is possible. The result often is an additional energy cost savings potential of up to 50%.

KMA ULTRAVENT® Filters are characterised by following features:

  • Cost-effective operation through wear-resistant filters and low energy consumption (usually the cleaned air flows back into the work area)
  • Minimised maintenance due to highly effective automatic filter cleaning
  • Flexibility through a modular system with many different sizes
  • Durability: filter housing and collection cells are made of stainless steel or aluminum

Due to the wide choice of filter media the KMA ULTRAVENT® System is very flexibly to use and is also suitable for high filter loading.

The KMA ULTRAVENT® exhaust system allows the highly efficient collection and separation of emissions like mist from release agents, oil mist, plasticizer fumes, and emulsion mist. Due to the special filter design liquid components (oil, emulsion, etc.) get discharged during operation. Adhesive substances can easily be removed by the optional automatic filter cleaning system.

In case of application in large scale machines (die casting machines, forging presses, etc.) extraction hoods, supports, and service platforms are available. A customised solution can be provided for any kind of machine.

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