The automatic KMA Filter Cleaning System

Unmachted due comfort and washing result – the KMA CIP

All KMA ULTRAVENT® Filter systems offer the possibility of integrating an automatic filter cleaning system in the filter housing.

The cleaning system operates mostly automatically and requires no presence of staff. The launch can be done manually on the remote control or pre-programmed by specifying a day and time.

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Clean – without fail

The filter cleaning is important in order to assure permanently high filter function. Experience shows that (CIP) cleaning assures best cleaning results, as there is no need for service manpower.

The automatic KMA filter cleaning systems allow the regular and work-saving cleaning of the filter cells and thus ensure minimal maintenance. The intelligent control of the cleaning system reduces simultaneously the consumption of the washing water and cleaning agents.

Advantages of the Automatic Cleaning Systems:

  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Reduced risk of flammable aerosol tailings
  • No transportation of filter cells required
  • Improved filter cleaning result

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