ULTRAVENT® Electrostatic filter cells for high grade air purification

Strong in separation performance. Small in energy consumption.

ULTRAVENT® Electrostatic filter cells allow the high-grade separation of smoke, dust, fine mist and also sticky or greasy aerosols. “Blue haze” caused by the use of release agents gets separated effectively as well.

The energy consumption of our electrostatic filter cells for an exhaust air volume of 5.000 m3/h meets the energy consumption of a 100 W light bulb.

The innovative KMA electrostatic filter allows for high-performance exhaust air purification in industries.

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The ionization electrodes generate a strong electrical field with very low use of energy.

Dust particles, smoke and aerosols are attracted by the collector plates due to the electrostatic forces. The electrostatic filter is regularly cleaned by an automatic cleaning system to avoid the accumulation of emissions on the collector plates and to ensure its high separation performance.

The filter cells are characterized by the particularly robust design: frame and carrying bars made of stainless steel, insulators in oil-resistant ceramics, optimized design for the separation of liquid or viscous substances. These features make sure that the electrostatic filter is an economical and durable filter medium for many applications.

Often two categories of contaminants are captured in the electrostatic collection cell. One kind of the filtered substances is liquid, drips off the collection plates, and is collected in a recuperation tank. The oil separated here can often be reused. The second type forms a greasy, oily or encrusted deposit on the filter surface.

Unsuitable filter types can quickly plug and become ineffective, leading to excessive costs associated with filter replacement and disposal. However, electrostatic precipitators never obstruct the air flow through the exhaust system.

Applications of the electrostatic plate filer:

ULTRAVENT® Electrostatic filter cells

Energy efficiency begins with the selection of the filter medium

In the case of larger exhaust air volumes, and precisely then, if the air consists of greasy and sticky emissions, a high efficient filter system is absolutely necessary.

The important factor in this respect is the low energy consumption of the filter medium despite its high efficient separation. Such emissions can soon clog unsuitable filter media, which then cause high pressure losses, elevated energy consumption and high follow-up or replacement costs.

The energy efficient KMA exhaust air filtration systems are equipped with electrostatic filter cells. The electrostatic charging of the exhaust air enables a high-grade separation of oily and greasy emissions as smoke, dust and mist. The unique filter design allows no resistance and thus no significant pressure losses. As the exhaust air can in principle pass through the KMA electrostatic filter without hindrance, the energy consumption needed for the separation is very low. In addition, the washable filter cells are cleaned regularly by the automatic KMA cleaning system, which is important for maintaining the high level of separating efficiency. It is not necessary to replace the electrostatic filter cells.

These features make the KMA electrostatic filter to an economic and durable filter medium for diverse applications in the industry. High pressure die casting electrostatic filter KMA

KMA ULTRAVENT® electrostatic filter collectors extract impurities from the exhaust air stream.
Stabile collector plates and laser-cut ionizer provide for low maintenance and high separation performance.

Product advantages

Low power consumption
Low power consumption
Due to the open tube structure, the backpressure of the filter unit is very low. This results in a decrease in fan power leading to lower operating costs.
Little maintenance required – automatic filter cleaning system
Little maintenance required – automatic filter cleaning system
The filter unit is wide-bodied with no moving parts. This makes it easier to remove dust from the collecting walls and therefore maintain the unit. KMA AAIRMAXX® ESP offers various qualified filter cleaning methods: dust and smoke depositions can be removed as desired, by either vibrations, continuous washing of walls, vapor or by an integrated hot water pressure washing unit.
Comprehensive protection against dust explosions
Comprehensive protection against dust explosions
KMA AAIRMAXX® ESP filter systems can be equipped with shock pressure resistance if required. This includes safety discs, with fire-extinguishing mechanisms and explosion suppression systems.
A durable and low maintenance design
A durable and low maintenance design
The filter units are made completely from steel or stainless steel – therefore a frequent change of components is not required and the filter maintenance costs are reduced compared to other filter separators.

KMA electrostatic plate filter for the KMA ULTRAVENT® System

KMA ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration systems are often used in the metal processing industry. But the energy saving ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration systems are also ideally suitable for the application area roasting and frying installations.

The ULTRAVENT® housing allows the exact adaptation to the needs due to the equipment with the necessary modular units. Depending on the mixture of exhaust air the ULTRAVENT® system can be equipped with demisters, electrostatic filter units, bag filter cells, heat exchangers, activated carbon filters or UV light tubes for the oxidation of odors. Even subsequent extensions are possible. ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filtration systems enable the purification of the hall air in the energy saving recirculation air mode depending on the application area.

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