Energy efficient air filter systems for industrial applications


Clean Air. Save Energy.

As leading solution provider KMA offers energy efficient air filter systems and 60 years of business experience relating to air purification, air filtration and heat recovery in various industry sectors.

In comparison with conventional exhaust air filtration systems KMA filter systems often save more than 80 % of energy costs.

Therefore, KMA filter systems have received a number of awards for their high eco-efficiency (EU FoodTech Award, MM Award for Innovation).

The energy savings are normally accompanied by a high reduction of CO2 emissions and thus an significant improvement of the customer’a carbon footprint.

Reduce the operating costs of your exhaust air filtration system and save real money!

Identify the cost reduction potential of your production facilities with an energy efficient KMA exhaust air filter system. We would be glad to provide you with an analysis free of charge.

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Air filter systems for industry sectors

Tailor made solutions for every application

The modular construction of the energy efficient KMA air filtration systems permits its use for many application areas. KMA air filtration systems dispose of a large range of standardised units in modular construction.

This creates “tailor-made“ solutions and nevertheless allows the advantage of series production. At the same time the modular system enables individual adaptions to the application place. In this way, special requirements are easily realized to avoid effectively pollutions in the room air.

KMA Umwelttechnik has developed solution concepts for the following areas:

Clean air. Save energy.

Save up to 80% of your energy costs!

Exhaust air purification in foundries – Clean Air. Save Energy.

Exhaust air purification in foundries – Clean Air. Save Energy.

From conventional extract air mode, to an air filter system with heat recovery and heat pump up to energy saving air recirculation mode – there are various air filtration methods for die casting machines.

Which method fits best to your production facility is explained in the following case study.

The outstanding alternative to post-combustion

The outstanding alternative to post-combustion

Up to 80% less energy consumption compared to conventional post-combustion, reduced CO2-emissions and numerous innovation awards such as the EU FoodTech Award.

Learn how our award-winning system works in the following case study.

Clean air. Save Energy.

Clean air. Save Energy.

The heat recovery of our KMA filter uses the valuable heat out of the exhaust air in order to reduce the energy consumption of your stenter frame.

The recuperated heat is utitilzed to heat up the supply air of the stenter - reducing the costs for gas or thermal oil heating.

How to decrease the energy costs of your stenter frame is explained in the following case study.

Reduce your operating cost by 85% - Save energy without expensive TNV/KNV

Reduce your operating cost by 85% - Save energy without expensive TNV/KNV

THE KMA AAIRMAXX filter system can strongly decrease the energy costs of your smoke house.
Save more than 80% in comparison to the conventional thermal/catalytic post-combustion method incl. heat recovery.

How to save money with your smoke house is explained in the following case study.



The KMA ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filter system reduces the energy costs, the emission of CO2 and removes odors from the exhaust air.

In the following case study, you can read how to contribute to environmental protection and to save money with your rubber processing plant.

KMA Products

ULTRAVENT® electrostatic filter

ULTRAVENT® electrostatic filter cells – die casting, food processing, textile industry

Strong in separation performance. Small in energy consumption.

Our electrostatic filter cells achieve a high-grade separation of smoke, dust, fine mist and also sticky or greasy aerosols – for optimal clean air quality.

The energy consumption of our electrostatic filter cells for an exhaust air volume of 5.000 m3/h meets the energy consumption of a 100 W light bulb.

AAIRMAXX® electrostatic tube filter

AAIRMAXX® electrostatic tube filter – food processing industry

The expert in food processing exhaust air treatment.

Our AAIRMAXX® electrostatic tube filters are highly effective in separating coarse and fine particles, solid substances and liquid droplets from the air.

AAIRMAXX® electrostatic tube filters are often used for exhaust air with higher concentrations of emissions like in smoke houses for examples.
For difficult odour problems the energy efficient AAIRMAXX® electrostatic filter tubes can be combined with KMA scrubbers or activated carbon filters.

Filter cleaning system

The automatic filter cleaning system (CIP)

Unmatched due comfort and washing result.

Our unique filter cleaning system operates fully automatic – programmable by remote control or default setting.

Constant filter module performance without long machine idle times, cumbersome manual filter cleaning or repetitive filter replacement.

Heat recovery system

Integrated highly efficient heat recovery system.

Optimal heat recovery for increased energy efficiency.

The integration of a heat exchanger enables the recuperation of process heat derived from the hot exhaust air.

The recuperated heat is then utilized for the heating of supply air, water or the heating of the production facilities.

In the case of low exhaust air temperatures the heat recovery can be optimised by means of an additional KMA Ambitherm® high efficiency heat pump.

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