KMA navigates climate-neutral into the future and promotes green power supply in the region

KMA Umwelttechnik generiert Strom für die Region

KMA navigates climate-neutral into the future and promotes green power supply in the region

The photovoltaic system at KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH produces more than twice as much electricity as the company can consume internally. The 714 kWp system was already installed on the company’s roofs in 2020 and is the largest in the region with this output. Now the final connection of the photovoltaic system to the power grid of KMA took place. The surplus green electricity is made available to the region.

The environmental technology company from Königswinter not only ensures energy and CO2 savings for its customers, but also produces as climate-neutral as possible. In the summer of 2020, KMA installed a photovoltaic system on a total of three building roofs and has been producing climate-neutral electricity ever since. The total capacity of the plant is 714 kWp. This corresponds to the annual electricity needs of over 500 people and saves around 387 tons of carbon dioxide.

Since the installation of the system, part of the electricity has been used for self-consumption. The remaining green PV power was fed into the grid. In the fall of 2022, the remaining photovoltaic system was now connected to the internal power grid. This means that in the future, KMA will use all green electricity for production, administration, and its vehicle fleet. If more electricity is available than can be consumed, the surplus flows into the public grid. With this photovoltaic system, KMA is taking a big step towards sustainability, because from the moment of commissioning, KMA will be 100% climate-neutral in terms of electricity consumption and at the same time supporting the region towards a sustainable future.

The largest photovoltaic plant in the region on the roofs of KMA

In 2021, the photovoltaic system generated approximately 626,000 kWh of electricity. KMA consumes about 300,000 kWh of electricity per year, so the company generates significantly more electricity sustainably than it consumes. The sunny year of 2022 will result in even more carbon-neutral electricity: Over 30% more hours of sunshine were recorded in the summer months of June to August alone.

A further step toward climate neutrality is the switch to electric mobility. Wherever possible, new vehicles will be purchased as fully electric or hybrid vehicles. In the meantime, more than 70 % of the passenger car fleet has already been converted. The charging is done by the self-generated green electricity on the roofs in front of the Siebengebirge.

Environmental protection as an economic factor increasingly important