Environmental protection as an economic factor increasingly important

Environmental protection as an economic factor increasingly important

Climate protection & air pollution control are the fastest-growing environmental protection measures of the economy.

The German Federal Statistical Office makes the importance of this future-oriented industry clear: In 2020, around 79 billion euros in sales were generated in Germany with goods, construction and services for environmental protection, an increase of 7.2 percent compared to the previous year.

In the area of climate protection, around 47 billion euros were collected in Germany, the majority of which was taken with measures to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

The area of air pollution control is particularly forward-looking: Sales have risen by 46 percent since 2015!

Through innovative plant technology KMA ensures energy-efficient air purification at production plants worldwide, while improving the carbon footprint and generating considerable cost advantages for leading industrial companies. The integral combination of exhaust air purification and energy recovery offers great advantages and embodies decades of experience in smart industrial air pollution control: clean air, up to 80 percent lower energy costs and a strong reduction in annual CO2 emissions.

As such our KMA performance promise states what we care for: Clean Air. Save Energy.

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