Food technology: Tailor-made filter solutions in use in the chocolate industry

Sustainable cocoa processing: environmental technology that pays off!
Purify exhaust air, save energy
Tailor-made filter solutions in use in the chocolate industry

As part of Delica AG’s sustainability strategy, an energy-efficient exhaust air filter solution from KMA Umwelttechnik is used in Swiss chocolate production to separate the organic compounds and odours produced during cocoa bean processing. Filter systems differ greatly in terms of energy consumption and sustainability and thus also result in different operating costs. The exhaust air filter system at Delica filters the odour-laden exhaust air through a combination of gas scrubber and biofilter. The exhaust air is cleaned of both VOCs and odours by the two coordinated filter systems. The cleaning of the roasting and grinding exhaust air is suitable for a biofilter system, but must first be cooled, humidified and pre-cleaned with the help of gas scrubbers. This combined process offers great savings potential for the company: almost 300,000 euros in operating costs and 940 tons of carbon dioxide are saved annually compared to thermal post-combustion.

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