Exhaust air filtration systems for rubber and plastic industries

Clean air. Save energy.

KMA manufactures exhaust air purification systems for numerous applications in processing industries. The flexible and economical KMA exhaust air filtration systems are allow for a highly efficient exhaust air purification, heat recovery and odor separation in various production processes. At the same time, KMA exhaust air purification systems reduce energy consumption by up to 80 percent, thus effectively protecting the environment.

In addition to numerous exhaust air solutions for processing industries, KMA also offers custom-made systems for caoutchouc, rubber and plastics industries. KMA filtration systems purify exhaust air from extrusion, foil production, vulcanization and injection molding, which often contains a high odor pollution. In addition to exhaust air purification, KMA also offers different modules for heat recovery and odor separation.

Reduce your odor emissions by 95%!

From conventional exhaust air operation, to a filter system with heat recovery and an additional fine carbon filter for odour separation – there are various modules for exhaust air purification in rubber processing.

The following case study will show you which components are best suited for your operation.

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