INTERNATIONAL ALUMINIUM JOURNAL features KMA Umwelttechnik: custom-made exhaust air solutions for foundries

Nemak installs modern KMA air extraction and filtration system in its new Slovakian foundry

The International Aluminium Journal reports howNemak combines energy efficiency, occupational safety and environmental protection in its exhaust air solution.

As a global developer and manufacturer of aluminium vehicle components, Nemak supplies components for over 650 vehicle types to more than fifty customers worldwide. In the course of an expansion, investments were made in modern exhaust air technology in order to increase the efficiency of consumption at the new die casting plant and to avoid any possible environmental impact from the start.

Find out how Nemak realizes high energy savings and CO2 avoidance potentials for reducing operating costs and increasing sustainability with the help of innovative exhaust air cleaning technology at its production site in Slovenia.

New KMA ULTRAVENT exhaust air filterVirus filtration with KMA UV light and electrostatic filter