Exhaust air technology

Exhaust air technology

The term exhaust air technology covers the specific design of ventilation systems in order to extract impurities from production exhaust air. In the context of industrial applications, exhaust air technology deals with the development, planning and implementation of the ideal technology to solve individual exhaust air problems of industrial productions. The requirements for exhaust air technology vary both according to general conditions (e.g. concentration and composition of aerosols) and customer specifications (e.g. pure air quality according to legal requirements).

The illustration explains the air flows of the exhaust air filter system at the frying line

Process of exhaust air filtration at frying plants

To determine the right exhaust air purification system, several factors, like emission load, temperature curves and flow velocities, need to be first determined in a measuring procedure. These key figures are the base of process engineering and necessary performance parameters for filter modules and stages in order to seamlessly integrate the exhaust air purification system into existing production processes. Depending on the requirements, KMA exhaust air filtration systems allow for a centralized or decentralized installation and can be run on air circulation or air extraction mode.  To contain and extract the contaminated production exhaust air, KMA offers various smoke extraction systems such as custom-made extraction hoods above the emission source, which contain the exhaust air and transfer it to the filtration system.

Abluftreinigung Räucherei

Technical models and drawings of the filter systems are created in modern CAD systems.

Another aspect when designing an exhaust air purification system is the need and use of heat recovery systems. Especially the production exhaust air of energy-intensive industries often contains high levels of process waste heat.  This process waste heat is a valuable resource that can be used in subsequent production steps or to heat the production hall and other buildings. In turn the KMA heat recovery system, consisting of a highly efficient heat exchanger and an optional thermal heat pump, improves the energy efficiency for the entire production plant.

KMA uses modern CAD systems to create technical models and drawings of the exhaust air filtration systems.


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