KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH joins the Foundry Star Alliance.

As a leading expert in modern foundry exhaust filtration systems, KMA joins the Foundry Star Alliance, an independent group of leading foundry suppliers.

KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH ist Mitglied der Foundry Star Alliance

A variety of peripheral technologies are integrated into a coherent system in a modern casting cell. The basis for the intelligent networking of the various technical systems is the advanced integration and increased cooperation between the foundry suppliers.

By joining the Foundry Star Alliance, KMA aims to adapt its own innovative extraction and filter technology even better to the requirements of increasingly digitized foundry technology. The joint development with casting machine manufacturers and other peripheral suppliers involved offers a wide range of customer benefits:

– Die-casting machine and filter system form one unit

– The filter technology always adapts to the current exhaust air requirements of the casting cell – Creation of a uniform user interface for simplified usability

– Increased networking and communication between the casting machine and the exhaust air filter system

– Reduction of planning effort, production times and assembly effort

In addition, KMA plans to increasingly offer standardized system solutions that are based on the respective configuration of the casting machine.

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