Under the better control of the situation of Corona-19 Virus, the 15th China Diecasting Congress, as (one of) the main exhibitions in foundry industry, was organized as plan.
KMA as an expert of air filtration, was invited to participate the International die casting technologies and development congress by organizer.

KMA sales manager shared the knowledge of exhaust air and heat recovery system of KMA ULTRAVENT Filter which is focus on foundry industry. Meanwhile the importance of effects of high -efficiency air filtration and heat exchange/recovery system regarding to the aspects of environment protection, workers healthy protection and safety were introduced. These topics are highly linked the concepts of energy cost, CO2 emission, which the costs are continuously rising up.

Since the development of Industries 4.0, your key equipment, technology integration, and internet connection are being more important.

Verkäuferin von KMA Shanghai beim Vortrag auf der CHINA DIECASTING 2020
KMA auf der China Diecasting 2020

KMA filter as one of the suppliers of die casting unit is available for OPC UA connection. In order to provide a better and more optimised filtration solution, KMA cooperates closely with die casting machine manufacturer.

With the utilize of KMA system, you can achieve to decrease your energy cost, provide clean air which is qualified according to legal requirements and environment protection standard!
The ecological balances of production can also be improved sustainably.
We look forward to providing you a professional waste air treatment and energy-saving solution for your modernized foundry plant!

KMA installs a photovoltaic system on three roofs of the production hall and thus becomes 100% climate neutral in terms of power consumption.china-climate-neutral