Recirculation air mode

Recirculation air mode

Energiesparender KMA Umluftbetrieb führt zu reiner Luft in der Produktionshalle und Kostenvorteilen.

The term circulating air mode refers to the circulation of exhaust air in a closed room. In circulating air mode, the production exhaust air is contained and extracted at the emission source, purified in an exhaust air purification system and then transferred back into the production halls.

For circulation in circulating air mode, the air quality of the purified exhaust air has to meet requirements concerning clean air quality and VOC content. These requirements are defined in legal regulations on a national and regional level. The exhaust air purification systems by KMA Umwelttechnik are characterized by their high separation efficiency combined with high energy efficiency. Thanks to their modular design, KMA exhaust air filtration systems can be individually adapted to the requirements of production exhaust air. More than 2000 KMA exhaust air filtration systems are currently installed worldwide throughout various industrial sectors – from die casting over food production to textile processing.

To run a ventilation system in circulating air mode, all impurities have to be extracted from the production exhaust air in advance. KMA exhaust air filtration systems efficiently purify the production exhaust air while keeping energy consumption low. The core of each filtration system is the energy-efficient KMA electrostatic precipitator module. Inside the electrostatic precipitator an ionization electrode generates a strong electric field requiring only a very low energy input. Due to the charge difference, particles, aerosols and other impurities in the incoming exhaust air are driven to the collector plates or inner walls of the electrostatic precipitator module. Liquid residues flow downwards into an external tank, where they can be recycled and reused.

Every production plant has different requirements for an efficient exhaust air purification. Therefore, the high-performance KMA electrostatic precipitator module can be combined with further filter components. activated carbon filters or a UV light module for odor separation or a heat recovery system to recuperate valuable process waste heat.

The circulating air mode is an energy-efficient alternative to air extraction mode. Especially for production sites which, due to their geographical location, have to cope with strong temperature fluctuations of outside air. In circulating air mode the complex exchange of purified exhaust air with fresh air from outside is no longer necessary. If fresh air from outside is still required, it can be heated in an energy-efficient and cost-saving way with the help of the KMA heat recovery system.