KMA installs exhaust air filtration system in South Korea

First KMA exhaust air filtration system for the textile industry in South Korea

KMA Umwelttechnik has set its first foot into the South Korean textile market. Earlier this year, the first exhaust air filtration system with integrated heat recovery was installed at textile company Sungha Co., Ltd. in South Korea. The project was realized together with the local partner SNS CORPORATION.

The KMA ULTRAVENT is designed for a maximum exhaust air volume of 22,000 m³/h and an exhaust air temperature of max. 200 °C to meet the customer’s requirements. The efficient, two-stage KMA electrostatic precipitator guarantees a high degree of separation of oil and other aerosols from the exhaust air. By recovering important process heat, the heat exchanger realizes high energy savings. The heat recovery system consists of two different heat exchangers through which the hot exhaust air passes:

In the heat exchanger based on the air-water principle, water at a temperature of 20 °C is heated to the desired temperature of 65 °C. The heated water is used for further production processes in the textile company. Hot water production offers ecological and, above all, economic advantages, thus contributing to the reduction of production costs.

The heat exchanger based on the air-air principle ensures that ambient air is heated from 30°C to 135°C and fed back into the stenter process, which also results in high energy savings.

  • In total, 500 kW/h of energy is recovered with the KMA system.
  • The savings potential in CO2 emissions is 100 kg/h
first exhaust air filtration system with integrated heat recovery in south korea

Thanks to the integrated washing system (CIP), both heat exchangers are cleaned automatically. The electrostatic precipitators installed in the plant are also efficiently cleaned at regular intervals by the CIP system. Thanks to the intelligent control system, the cleaning cycles adapt to the production process.

heat recovery and exhaust air filtration with the innovative systems of KMA
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