Monforts brings savings to Albarrie

Monforts brings big savings to Albarrie

“We have seen significant improvements in many areas (…)” ~Kevin Horner, Albarrie’s Director of Operations.

Monforts brings big savings to Albarrie. MonforClean’s features include an air-to-air cross-flow heat exchanger and electrostatic precipitator that cleans exhaust air and recovers up to 22,500 cubic feet of air per hour, radically reducing traditional heat demand. The system was developed in collaboration with KMA Umwelttechnik and “was an investment in the future that will enable us to remain competitive in the textile products market for years to come.” ~Magaret Driscoll, Albarrie General Manager.

“The continued integration of a wash system that automatically cleans the heat recovery and exhaust filter is a great benefit to U.S. manufacturers because of the labor costs associated with what is normally manual cleaning,” said Alex Franco, vice president of PSP.

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