KMA at EUROGUSS: Energy cost advantages with the expert for exhaust air management and intelligent heat recovery

KMA at EUROGUSS: Energy cost advantages with the expert for exhaust air management and intelligent heat recovery

Hall 7, Booth 305 Would you like to learn how your foundry can improve your energy efficiency through modern environmental technology? As a leading provider of integrated solutions for exhaust air purification, heat recovery and heat recovery, KMA will present its entire range of environmental technology services for die casting applications at Euroguss 2024. The solutions presented support foundries in successfully saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions and creating an attractive working environment for foundries.

Save energy. Energy efficiency is the foundation for the competitiveness of foundries. The use of process heat, efficient air management and the reduction of heating energy consumption are central starting points for measures to increase energy efficiency within the foundry. The combination of exhaust air management systems and the preservation or recovery of waste heat offers great potential and increases the economic success of the foundry.

Reduce CO2 emissions. The increasing demands on sustainable production sites by end customers as well as the successive additional costs for CO2 emissions pose challenges for foundries. With the help of energy-efficient exhaust air management and integrated heat recovery, future-oriented foundries sustainably reduce their carbon footprint and improve their competitiveness. KMA supports foundries in achieving their individual sustainability goals.

Increase productivity. Attracting and retaining the right talent for the company can only be achieved in the long term in a clean working environment with systematic exhaust air treatment. An attractive working environment not only meets the requirements for occupational health and safety, but has also been proven to increase the productivity of the foundry. Clean, emission-free workplaces demonstrate responsible health management and environmental awareness towards the company’s own workforce.

“In order to increase energy efficiency, it is essential to take a holistic view of the foundry’s energy, from the casting process to the building technology. In this way, major operating cost advantages can be realized, ideally even the complete supply of the hall heating system – this not only pleases the environment, but also strengthens the competitive position of the foundry through the sustainably reduced energy requirement,” says Dr. Holger Wagner, KMA Managing Director.