Smoke filtration system

Smoke filtration system

KMA AAIRMAXX bei Schwarzwaldhof zur Abluftbehandlung der Räucherei-Abluft

A smoke filtration system is an exhaust air filtration system specifically adapted to the requirements of particle separation of smoke and smoky exhaust air. Smoke emissions occur in various production steps through combusting oily or pasty products, such as lubricants, abhesives or coolants as well as frying oils and fats.

Smoke is a mixture of gaseous substances and minuscule solid particles that is caused by the effect of thermal energy on a solid or liquid product. Due to its specific composition, smoke or smoky exhaust air place high demands on exhaust air filtration systems.

The combustion process produces large quantities of very fine solid particles. During electrostatic exhaust air filtration, these particles settle on the collector plates forming a so-called filter cake. This filter cake is removed using the fully automatic filter cleaning system (CIP).

The KMA smoke filter system is characterized by its constantly high separation efficiency for  achieves a constant high degree of particle separation. KMA exhaust air filtration systems are known for their high energy efficiency – the energy consumption for cleaning 5000 m3/h is equivalent to that of a 100W light bulb.