Hybrid filtration system

Hybrid filtration system

A hybrid system is a system that combines two or more different technologies. In a hybrid system, each technology in itself is an independent solution for the respective requirement. When combining several technologies in one system new new desired properties are created.

Drei Elektrofilter und ein Abgaswäscher

KMA Hybridfilter at Schwarzwaldhof

Hybrid technologies are also used for exhaust air purification. The modular design of KMA exhaust air filtration systems can therefore be adapted to any exhaust air situation. Exhaust air filtration systems by KMA Umwelttechnik are usually hybrid filtration systems. In smokehouses an electrostatic precipitator is combined with a gas scrubber to separate aerosols such as fats, tar or oil mists as well as odors, gases and vapors.

Particularly energy-efficient is the combination of one or more filter modules with an innovative heat recovery system. The filter module in itself purifies the production exhaust air, but does not offer the possibility to recuperate any process waste heat. The heat exchanger, on the other hand, is designed exclusively to recover and transfer thermal energy from the production exhaust air. Without a precipitator module, the gases and impurities bound in the exhaust air would heat up within the heat exchanger module, which could lead to deflagration or the development of gases that are highly harmful to health. In a hybrid filtration system, the advantages of both technologies supplement each other and result in a high pure air quality with simultaneous heat recovery.