The next step towards a climate-neutral foundry

The next step towards a climate-neutral foundry

Clean exhaust air, save energy

Heat recovery and exhaust air purification at melting furnaces

Energy efficiency is the foundation for the competitiveness of foundries. Because in addition to reducing CO2 emissions, energy efficiency enables noticeable cost savings as well as decoupling from rising energy prices and impending supply bottlenecks. As an expert in energy-efficient exhaust air management and heat recovery in foundries, KMA Umwelttechnik presents the latest development activities in the latest GIESSEREI article.

✅Up to €340,000 in potential annual cost savings 🌍

Did you know that up to 40% of the energy required in your foundry can be covered by heat recovery? And that not even half of the existing waste heat potential in foundries is currently being used?

With the help of modern exhaust air filter systems and integrated heat recovery, we at KMA Umwelttechnik GmbH have solutions to provide clean air in foundries and at the same time recover energy to save costs and improve your CO2 balance.