ULTRAVENT® III – Relaunch of a long-time exhaust air filtration expert

ULTRAVENT® III – Relaunch of a long-time exhaust air filtration expert

The ULTRAVENT ® filtration technology is one of the leading systems worldwide for exhaust air purification in the die casting industry. Since first launching the second generation, 2,000 systems were installed in foundries. This is not only due to the reliable performance but also the one-of-a-kind energy efficiency, which is why reference customers such as BMW, GF+ and VOIT as well as die casting machine manufacturers such as Bühler, Frech and IDRA rely on the established KMA exhaust air technology. “During the last few years, we have continued to improve and further develop our ULTRAVENT® filtration system. The latest product generation III combines our long-term experience of numerous different applications as well as the technological progress realised during the cooperation with our partners of die casting machine manufacturers”, explains Eckhard Glaser, product manager for the die casting industry of KMA Umwelttechnik.

Due to the latest ventilation technology, the ULTRAVENT® III filtration system runs significantly quieter and has an even lower energy consumption. Furthermore, the frequency of the ventilators is synchronised with the spraying cycle of the die casting machine. Thanks to this technical optimisation (formerly ECO+ optional equipment) the new ULTRAVENT® III additionally reduces its energy consumption by up to 25% compared to its predecessor already well-known for its energy efficiency.

In addition, the new filtration system will offer more service comfort and improved maintainability. Due the technically advanced cleaning system, the filters are cleaned even more effectively without having to remove them (Cleaning in Place, CIP). Concerning the maintenance work, the accessibility of the filter area and the washing tank has been improved.

The ULTRAVENT® III also offers extensive standard equipment with regard to automation technology. To improve the support in preventive maintenance, it will be possible to independently transmit status messages and operation-relevant data to the manufacturer’s customer service via online transmission. As a member of the working team looking to define a uniform OPC UA interface for the die casting industry, KMA works closely with manufacturers of die casting machines. “Integration and networking are becoming increasingly important for our customers. We at KMA offer suitable solutions to accommodate these needs,” emphasizes Eckhard Glaser.

Depending on the foundry, the modern exhaust air technology can be used in recirculation or exhaust air mode or as a centralised or decentralised filter system. For optimum smoke extraction in every foundry, the range of extraction concepts is also being further developed. The custom-made KMA smoke extraction hoods can be designed for smaller die casting machines as well as for larger machines for up to 5,000 tons. In cooperation with die casting machine manufacturers, KMA aims to achieve an even better mechanical integration into the casting cells. In addition, KMA also offers alternative extraction concepts such as air curtain systems or centrally installed hall ventilation systems with integrated heat recovery.

With the new ULTRAVENT® III filter system, KMA provides its customers with a higher performance for their money. “We can offer our customers precisely tailored filtration systems with a high production standard. The result is a reliable, versatile and even more efficient solution for exhaust air purification in foundries,” says Eckhard Glaser.

KMA will present the new ULTRAVENT ® III to the public for the first time at the GIFA 2019 from 25 to 29 June in Düsseldorf (Hall 11 | Stand C23).

The German magazine Giesserei Praxis already announces the new generation III of the ULTRAVENT® filter system.

KMA exhaust air technology at customer Nemak in Slovakia