KMA celebrates its 2,000th ULTRAVENT® filter system

As the leading provider of all-in-one solutions for exhaust air purification systems, KMA exports its 2,000th ULTRAVENT® filter systems to China as part of a major contract of 211 filtration systems for an automotive supplier.

KMA has firmly established itself as a reliable partner for exhaust air purification systems for die casting machinery in the sunrise industry, due to its high-quality filter systems, the advantages of a high vertical range of manufacture and its continuously optimized customer-oriented problem-solving approach. The ULTRAVENT® filtration systems are installed particularly in the automotive industry as well as in cooperation with KMA’s OEM partners.

KMA ULTRAVENT® filtration systems reduce the energy demand for exhaust air purification in die casting factories by up to 80 percent and thus effectively protect the environment. “Our 2,000 ULTRAVENT® filtration systems contribute worldwide to the environmental protection. Thanks to our innovative environmental technology we avoid the emission of thousands of tons of CO2 around the globe”, explains Rolf Kurtsiefer, general manager of KMA Umwelttechnik.

The Paris Agreement further strengthens the need for energy-saving environmental technology: By 2030, CO2 emissions are to be reduced worldwide by 50 percent.


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