KMA air filtration technology in RENAULT® Valladolid

The innovative exhaust air filter systems by KMA Umwelttechnik ensure a high clean air quality in production halls as well as compliance with environmental protection requirements. The custom-made extraction hoods capture the contaminated production exhaust air at the emission source. This way the contaminated exhaust air can be cleaned decentralized and effectively and returned to the production hall.

For more than 30 years, filter expert KMA Umwelttechnik has supported foundries worldwide in treating exhaust air from production processes and to comply with company goals for occupational safety and environmental protection. International automobile manufacturer Renault uses KMA Umwelttechnik’s innovative exhaust air technology at its production sites around the world. Thanks to its modular design, KMA exhaust air filter systems can be adapted to any production condition or retro-fitted to existing machines. Renault thus reduces the negative impact of exhaust air on production, employees and the environment. In addition, thanks to the innovative KMA exhaust air technology, high energy savings and CO2 avoidance potentials can be realized.