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Exhaust air filtration & energy recovery at frying lines

Case study for frying lines and cooking ovens: The KMA ULTRAVENT® Hybrid Filter System

The ULTRAVENT® Hybrid filtration system with the highly efficient heat recovery system and UV light for odor removal is particularly suitable for the application of industrial frying lines. In this case, the KMA exhaust air filtration system is an energy efficient alternative to post-combustion systems.

How great the savings are illustrates the following case study example: A meat product manufacturer planned a large extension of his capacity of frying lines and cooking ovens. At the same time, the factory should produce more energy efficiently and fulfill the ecological objectives of the management.

The solution: With the extension of the capacity the company replaced its old post-combustion system with an exhaust air volume of 5000 m3/h by a KMA hybrid filter system with a capacity of 25000 m3/h.

While the old post-combustion system released every year more than 1000 tons of CO2, the CO2 emission of the new exhaust air filtration system was reduced to only about 115 tons despite the fivefold increase of the exhaust air capacity. Thus the company has reached its goal to reduce the „carbon footprint“ in a sustainable manner with one single renovation measure. The yearly savings of operating costs led to an amortization period of less than 2 years!

Industrial frying lines and cooking ovens in Germany

Industrial frying lines and cooking ovens in Germany

Production plant for the production of meatballs in NRW, Germany
Exhaust air volume: exhaust air flow of 25.000 m3/h,
CO2 emission per year of more than 1.000 tons
Special challenge:
- Exhaust air mixture of oily and sticky emissions
- Strong polluted exhaust air
- Meat-processing factory is in the direct neighbourhood of a residential area

The alternative to expensive post-combustion

The alternative to expensive post-combustion

Energy efficient ULTRAVENT® hybrid filter system with heat recovery system, UV light tubes for odor removal and automatic filter cleaning system (CIP).
1. The exhaust air is purified from particles and aerosols by means of an electrostatic filter.
2. The heat exchanger extracts the heat containing in the filtered air flow and uses it for heating the fresh supply air.
3. In the last step the separation of odors takes place via a vacuum UV light system.

Reduction of the energy consumption about 80%

Reduction of the energy consumption about 80%

- 80% less energy consumption in comparison to a conventional post-combustion system
- The CO2 emissions of the frying line are reduced by more than 800 tonns per year which substaintially improves the carbon footprint of the company
- The KMA hybrid filter system is honored with the European Foodtech Award, Fleischerei Technik Award and further innovation awards
- The project is supported with funds made available under the Environmental Innovation Programme of the Federal Environment Ministry

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