Specialist magazine „Die Fleischerei” reports – Efficient and sustainable smokehouses

The German specialist magazine for the entire meat industry „Die Fleischerei“ demonstrates on the basis of a case study that economy and ecology need not be contradictory in industrial smokehouses. As part of expanding the production plant, the traditional company Schwarzwaldhof commissioned the filter specialist KMA Umwelttechnik to design, install and implement a hybrid filter system. Compared to a thermal post-combustion plant, the meat product manufacturer saves 95% CO2 and 92% operating costs.

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Source: Holzmann Medien GmbH & Co.KG

The innovative exhaust air filter systems by KMA Umwelttechnik ensure a high clean air quality in production halls as well as compliance with environmental protection requirements. The custom-made extraction hoods capture the contaminated production exhaust air at the emission source. This way the contaminated exhaust air can be cleaned decentralized and effectively and returned to the production hall.GF Linamar installed the high-performance KMA exhaust air filtration technology in its new production plant in North Carolina (NC), USA