Clean Air Made in Königswinter – regional business magazine writes about KMA

The business magazine of General Anzeiger, a regional daily newspaper, writes about the 60-year-old journey of KMA Umwelttechnik from a small locksmith’s shop to a world market leader for energy efficient exhaust air filter systems.

KMA’s main USP are the company’s innovations in the field of environmental technology. The synergy of profitability and environmental protection is the main focus of KMA’s exhaust air filter systems and meets with a high demand worldwide. This becomes apparent in an export rate of approx. 75 %. The environmentally friendly plants reduce the emission of CO2 significantly as well as lowering energy costs by up to 80 %.

KMA has bright prospects for the future. According to the Paris Agreement, the emission of CO2 has to be reduced worldwide by 50 % by 2030. The energy efficient exhaust air filter systems of KMA contribute their part to achieving this goal.

You can find the whole German article here.


KMA electrostatic filter cell with UV light module and heat exchanger as a display model.KMA is the 2018 winner of the LUDWIG award in the category INNOVATION